Launching online in the wake of a pandemic !


 One family’s story about Covid19

I spent a week or two feeling terribly sorry for myself, my staff, my children, my situation. I pondered new careers, restructures, and everything else one might imagine.

It occurred to me, Phase 2, on the corner of Princess and Barrie had literally been the cornerstone of my family; to my parents, to myself, to my kids and to my husband. It was a true part of my identity. My parents, Dave and Karen Ingimundson, started this business almost 40 years ago, in the fall of 1980. It was launched in the wake of the 80’s recession, it weathered the market crash of “87, ice Storm of ‘98, Y2K bug, 9/11, Sars outbreak 2003, swine flu 2009, then the scare of Ebola and Zika this. Phase 2 has been around longer than commercial cell phones, and seen iPhones 1 through 11. It needs to withstand this threat too. My parents would often say, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. It’s time to GET GOING.

In the wake of store closure and social distancing, getting going is challenging. I turned to the family. Once we get the go ahead about retail re-opening, my Mom will return, at 82 (though no one would ever peg her at that), to her most loved processing area. My daughter, husband and I will get the merchandise ready for sale and my son will do signage and merchandise marketing from his computer in Ottawa. Unfortunately, Dad, seen here with his grandchildren, Paul and Lee, is no longer with us. But he would be proud! He’d ask, are you winning”. And I’d say yes!         

How can I be winning, in this crazy world? Well, I have my family; I have newfound humility. I have had time to reflect and I have clearer purpose. 

I am looking forward the return of our staff, many of whom have worked for Phase 2 for decades. The store will reopen as “the house that bargains built”. It’s time to rekindle the family business and bring you great product at even better prices. 

When will that be, you ask? We will reopen on May 21st from Thursday to Saturday with our newly launched online store for our basics, varsity wear, scrubs, chefwear and our great line of summer tees.

Stay safe; stay positive! 

Carla Ingimundson, President, Phase 2 Clothing Inc.